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Denderah, 58 year old fashion designer made her 1st dress at age 10. Passionate artist that studied at Ray Vogue in Chicago, IL. She also founded her label there in 1980. Dreamer, Visionary and Humanitarian, Denderahs designs are fed from her desire to bring life, happiness and love to the planet through art, beauty and kindness. She also believes in living green. Every effort is made to reduce, recycle and reuse to help sustain the planet.

Personal Coaching & Consulting

Denderah leads empowerment workshops for young people and adults of all ages. You can expect to walk away with tools for self-empowerment and feeling spiritually and emotionally refreshed.

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Areas of Expertise

Denderah provides one-on-one and team consultation to fit your needs.
Personal One on One Design Sessions
Event Planning
Emotional Intelligence
Anti-Bullying (adults and young people)
Healthy Choices for a Better Planet
Loving Yourself
Yoga and Spiritual Healing
Healthy Sexual and Emotional Choices
Bringing Your Vision to Light with Vision Boards